Fire Safety Systems

Make sure you’re protected by a professional fire safety system.

Fire Safety Systems save lives and protect properties. Fire alarms are the safest way of notifying occupants of any dangerous fire conditions within their building, and are a regulatory requirement in most environments. Our experienced installation team are highly qualified and can connect your Fire Safety Systems quickly and effectively.

Why RJH Electrical?

RJH Electrical was established in 2007 and is comprised of professional, qualified, approved electricians with over 20 years industry experience. We pride ourselves on our friendly, reliable, and trustworthy service, and can carry out work across all sectors including domestic, commercial, and industrial.


Depending on your premises and the nature of your business, you will require a specific set of equipment to ensure you comply with fire safety regulations. We can design the perfect system for you, employing a range of specialist fire safety devices and industry-accredited experts to ensure you have complete peace of mind.


Regular safety checks, services and maintenance are crucial to make sure your fire safety systems work when they’re needed most. Our experienced and accredited fire safety engineers perform thorough checks and can re-certify any equipment to ensure compliance. Our servicing and repairs are carried out with the minimum of disruption, allowing you to carry on with business as usual.

Fire Safety System Installation

We offer a complete service to design, install and maintain fire safety systems in any premises. We use a wide range of fire detection systems, including smoke, heat and carbon monoxide detectors. All of our systems can be connected to existing or new fire alarm panels.

What Our Customers Say

Fire Alarms

With access to a huge range of fire alarms offering a variety of technologies and capacity, we can find the perfect solution for any environment. Our team of experts work with you to find the best alarms for your premises. When recommending alarms, we take into account the nature of your work, your equipment and of course the building itself.

Smoke detectors

Smoke detection is essential in any premises. Smoke detectors alert occupants to an emergency in its earliest stages, keeping you safe and helping you protect your property. We install the highest quality smoke detectors in the best positions around your premises, ensuring compliance, protection and safety.