Smart Home Systems

Home audio and visual systems

Our AV experts can supply and install cutting edge systems in your home. Create your dream home theatre or add smart speakers to every room. Our smart systems can be controlled from your tablet or mobile, putting control of your whole home at your fingertips. We can make your AV fantasies reality.

Home lighting control systems

Smart lighting systems help you create the perfect mood in your home. Simple to use, easy to install and eco-friendly, our lighting systems can be controlled from your mobile or tablet. Dim your lights, change the colour and even set timers from your sofa!

What our clients say

Smart Home Installers

We’ve got a lot of experience installing the latest smart home systems, ranging from smart thermostats to smart doorbell cameras. Connect your home to the cloud, giving you total control from anywhere in the world.

Smart Thermostats

Smart thermostats can save you a huge amount of energy at the same time as increasing convenience. They give you control of your home’s heat through a mobile app, keeping costs down with simple automations. If you are replacing your existing thermostat, our devices are compatible with almost all central heating systems.


Our cloud-enabled CCTV systems will give you complete peace of mind. Like our other smart systems, our CCTV cameras can be controlled through a mobile app, allowing you to check in with your cameras day and night from anywhere in the world. Our cameras are perfect for keeping an eye on a pet and, of course, home security.

Doorbell Cameras

Never miss a package or a visitor with our cloud doorbells. By connecting it to the cloud, your doorbell will connect with your mobile, letting you speak to your visitors even if you’re not at home. Our doorbells are discrete and can be installed very quickly, giving your home an instant upgrade.